Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spy vs Spy? Drow vs Dark Elf...

OK!  Side by side views as promised.  

I am fairly sure I will use the tone on the left for the 40k Dark Eldar army.  However, I may vary those flesh tones from Kabal to Kabal...

The reason I am leaning more towards the lighter tone is that I want to do some sort of tattoos/body paint on the flesh tones.  The army is mostly Wyches, so there is more of that to work with.

Since 2 of the squads are Raging Heroes, there is even more blank canvas available.

My next experiment with these fantasy Vestals will be a very light one, with more of a blueish hue...

The blades will also be glowing, so that should be fun!


  1. I like the darker one but you are right about the lighter version being perfect if you are gonna give them ink. Of course if their weird alien tattoo's glowed with an internal light the dark skin tone might be nice too...

    1. He he... great minds think alike. I was contemplating that. Well, there are more test figures yet to come!

  2. I prefer the look on the light skinned one. I find that the details and the mini stand out more.

    1. Since the Dark Eldar do have more clothes, I thought that the dark flesh tones could make lighter colored clothes stand out the way you mentioned on the light skinned Vestal here :-)

      Many thanks for all the replies! They are important in my future choices!