Monday, November 5, 2012

Some results! Bilbo's Birthday Bash

OK!  Bilbo's Bash is over, and it is time to begin the review.  The short answer is freakin' amazing!

When you sign up for this tournament, you are in for something special.  Everybody walks away with something, leaving no one empty handed.  The swag had the nifty custom dice, the priority medallion, and the dice bag/patch.

Everyone also received a box of figures, whether you won an award or not.

Did I mention food?  Yes, lunch was provided on both days.  Yea!  It is the first tournament where I did not attempt to starve myself to death.  That makes for a much more pleasant experience. :-)

On the topic of pleasant experiences, this truly was just such an event for me.  Pound for pound, the painting efforts for this tournament were tremendous.  Lots of talent and care on display.  It was an honor to take part.  The players were of the variety that you would love to play against all the time.

Given the amount of effort that is put into this tournament by Brent, Chris et all, it makes sense that the participants would also try to make it a great environment.  Normally my favorite part of a tournament is when it is over!  This time around, I was a little bummed when it was over.

As you can see, I was fortunate enough to win the Best Apperance award.  There were lots of really fantastic armies there.  All the efforts on the display board proved to be well worth it!

The trophies were beautiful, and there were some extra jars of paint as well. :-)

In addition, they had a separate painting contest.  How cool is that?  Once more, I was fortunate to win Best Painted Single with Radaghast the Brown...

Also, I managed to take home a trophy for Best Painted Cavalry with my converted Saurumon figure

These pictures don't show all the additional work that went in to the tournament, such as the individually themed gaming tables, which was very fun, and impressive!

I can't emphasize enough just how great this event was.  Everyone there was very fun to be with, and it was a great time.  I will start posting pictures of the games later tonight!


  1. You whipped the floor in painting categories, but thats no surprise knowing your army.
    What surprises me that Saurumon (Some cousin of Saruman ? :) ) took the Prize of best cavalry and not your Karaphracts !! They are pieces of beauty !

    1. Thanks! You were not allowed to use any miniatures from your tournament armies for the contest, which was separate. I wish I had time to paint my Sauron for the large creature category!

  2. Holy Cow!!!! Thats it !!! I'm repainting my entire collection. This stuff is breathtaking!!!!!


    1. Many thanks! I am working on a Mordor army now, and it's going to be very fun! The Dark Lord himself leading it...