Friday, November 9, 2012

Mi Vida Loca: The Dark Eldar journey begins

Well, folks, sorry for the disruption in posting.  Another major vehicle crisis pretty much nuked everything I was going to be doing for the next week at least.  Before the vehicle quit on us, we did go to the Dragon Shoppe one more time.

In setting up everything else I was going to be working on at Windycon (sorry guys, won't be able to go there now!), I needed to get as many of the bases constructed for the Dark Eldar as possible.

You can see a handful of those items here.  I need 5 grotesques, 18 jetbikes, and 3 Venoms.  I forgot some of the un-assembled jetbikes at home, so there were only 13 for me to work on yesterday.

The Reaver jetbikes are in various stages of assembly/conversion.

Well, I never really thought those things could fly anyway!  I modeled this after the "crashed airplane" sculpture that the city ingeniously placed by the parking lots at Midway Airport.

This was a bit of vengeance on a very pesky section of the FW Storm Eagle conversion kit.  Note: never EVER use this piece.  You will never get the thing put together.

The #1 rule of hobbying is to have a neat and tidy work area.

Bases for the Grotesques...

Flying jetbikes!  There is going to be a space marine getting whacked under the I-beam.  That will be very fun!

I tried to match some of the Wyche bases as well.

More bikes!

Even more bikes!

Well, I will have some stuff for you guys later today.  Sorry if I am in a bit of a terse and disagreeable mood!


  1. They look really nice base desgins, but where do you get all the extra material or have you scuplted most of it yourself. Looking forward to seeing more Dark Eldar :)

    1. There is a lot of sculpey, oxide paste, and resin chunks from various other projects :-)

  2. I cannot wait to see this get going!

    1. Thanks! Lots more to assemble yet. More jetbikes, a razorwing, the Archon, etc. Plenty yet to come!

  3. really really cool! can't wait to see them painted!

    1. Thanks! I am anxious to get my first color test mini painted!!