Thursday, November 1, 2012

Down to the wire: Trying to get stuff painted for Bilbo's Bash

Well, you loyal Wappellians are well aware of the battle royale taking place as I try to get everything painted for Bilbo's Bash this weekend.  It is a very nice tournament, and I want to do it justice by having some decently painted figures. :-)

We were at the Wandering Dragon Shoppe in order to avoid the interruption of ringing doorbells, etc.  Right away, I decided to set aside the elves for another day, and get down to the Easterlings.  That was going to be the toughest task, as the sculpts and casts of those are far more rough and inconsistent.

I started off by attempting to salvage some F-Cast heroes (post coming on those tomorrow), and then the rest of the Kataphracts.  From there, I saw that I had to get a lot of work done on the infantry.  In particular, the non Black Dragon upgrade guys needed the most work.  Images of those guys tomorrow as well!

As I was furiously doing that, Cathy joined some lads playing Zombiecide.  That is a pretty neat game, I must say.  They had some hilarious moments, and lots of zombies showed up!  Kevin was a great host, as always, having werewolf movies and candy on hand...

I wished that I could have looked at the game more closely, since it was pretty elaborate!  Lots of miniatures!

Can't play Zombiecide without a Psycho Clown!

Cathy killed her first zombie with a frying pan.

I did get to see a few minis up close.  I was most impressed.  Those would be really cool to paint!  Maybe someday...


  1. I love the stylized paint job. It's nice to see another Easterling force that uses an alternate paint scheme for their elites (rather than the typical red/gold).

    1. Thanks! Since my 'good' army was red and gold (trying to avoid the usual Elven blue), it was even more important to come up with something different.

      Originally, I was going to have silver armor as well, but the sculpts were just not good enough to support that idea.

      After my first game, it was glaringly obvious that I needed to make the Black dragons very different from the standard troops! I guess most players don't mix them in the way I do :-)