Saturday, October 27, 2012

We Khand do it: Another converted Chariot

For the overnight hours, we have some WIP shots of another converted Khandish chariot.  As with the previous version, I used a Tomb Kings chariot, chopping off 1/2 inch from the howdah and the yoke.  The base is cork and sculpey, and the horses are from the Rohan riders set.

I used green stuff to make the 'saddles' on the horses, as well as some tassels and straps.

I sculpted fur on the chariot to make it match the 'official' versions, and added a few trophy heads.  Gondor chief among them.

This warrior figure is, I believe, a Foundry miniature, although I could be wrong.  It is from a blister of 5 Samurai warriors.  It worked out great!

Stay tuned tomorrow when the finished pics are posted!!


  1. I find it in poor taste that a Gondor captains head is used as a trophy....well at least it isn't Tony!!!! Rich

    1. That's because Tony was smart enough to have other places to be! There was always something he forgot back at the barracks...