Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reaper and Warmachine Inquisitor converts

Following the previous Demonhunter conversion post, we have some more minis that I substituted for Inquisitorial henchmen.  I wish I still had these ladies, which I used as Death Cult Assassins, now that you can have huge bunches of them!  I believe these Warmachine figures are from the Witch Coven of Gharlast.

This was a sage that came from the old Void game, which is probably available through Brigade models now?

Then we have a few Reaper figures that I changed a bit to work as mystics.  This one was a particular favorite of mine!

I am not sure what this guy is.  He may have been a Mordheim or Necromunda figure...

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  1. The little chubby guy with the six shooter was the Necromunda Redeemer's side kick, but I can't seem to recall the little spud's name.