Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Classic Lizardman Salamanders

Here we have some very "old timey" GW Lizardman minis.  These salamanders and handlers, for the most part, go way back.  There are a few more recent skinks thrown in to get some variety.  I don't remember when GW had the baby dragons as part of an official list, but they are certainly fun!

The movement tray was made from pieces of baked sculpey placed on matboard.  The salamanders and skinks are magnetized, and are placed in a loose formation as dictated by the 8th edition skirmish rules.

I added a few aquarium plants to get a nice jungle look.

I had a lot of fun using this combination of colors.  Purples are always interesting, since there are lots of neat color shifts you can do by changing the temperature and saturation of the hues.  Blueish highlights on a deep purple next to a more magenta tone is fantastic.

These top views give you a better look at the unit as a whole and how they look on the tray.  There are some previous posts in my lizardman army that discuss how these movement trays were created.


  1. beautiful as every time !!!!
    can you say us what colors you utilise and what technique use you: paint fresh or glacis or with a airbrush for painting please
    Good luck ant thank you again !!!!!

    1. Thanks!

      I do not use and airbrush, so everything is done with a regular brush :-)

      One salamander was a dark green mixed with a turquoise, and highlighted with a sky blue. The purple salamander was a liche purple, which I then mixed with a magenta for some lighter colors, but also with that sky blue to make a cooler purple.

      I hope that helps!

    2. Thank you !!!!!!