Thursday, October 18, 2012

A break from Grond with Wrath of Kings. Sword pattern blues?

Before I get to the final post of Grond, I thought I would interject with a little Wrath of Kings.

I think the reason I wanted to post these was to discuss the real challenge of painting weapons (swords in this case), that have a very unusual shape.

It seems like I never get to paint "regular" swords anymore!

I guess companies are trying to make their minis more unique and stand out by doing some different patterns with the swords, but that makes it way more difficult to determine what surface is getting direct light, where the reflected light goes, etc.

I was restricted here in my color choices by the pre-determined concept art.  If I had a choice, I would have had much more 'earth' tones show up in some areas.

This one was not too difficult, since the surfaces were quite large.  Still, I had to change on the fly at least twice with the weapon n his right hand.

Again, these color choices were not mine.  After doing all the wild fluorescent colors on my Tomb Kings weapons, everything seems dull now. :-)

Here is one of the "grunts" of this faction.  These weapons were even more difficult, as the ends were rounded, and not flat, as they were on the big guy above...

Not long before the final images of Grond appear... Stay tuned!

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