Thursday, July 19, 2012

What did I step in? A Nurgle Decimator for Games Day


Here's a new project for Games Day... a Nurgle Decimator!  Nurgle is always fun to paint, and even more fun to sculpt :-)

I scraped off a few of the standard symbols, and added lots of pustules and gooey stuff!

I had even more fun sculpting the ooze on the legs!  A little tricky, but fun!

Cathy suggested that I add some of the oxide paste to this, to really give it that rusted/corroded look.  It worked out very well, since it offered a texture very different from all the smooth things I was adding.  It will also work well with what I am doing for the base...

I had to do something brand new with the magnets.  I have experimented lately by using sheet metal with my magnets, as opposed to "magnet to magnet".  There are some advantages.  First, it is less expensive, second it means you won't have magnets attracting each other in confined spaces on a mini, and third, you don't have to worry about polarity issues!  This is actually number one for me, since it means I can add arms to this at any time, and I never have to worry about which way the magnets are facing!


Here I started to add some iky things to the weapons...

And meet my painting staff.  This is how we get so much done so quickly!
Quite the barrel of monkeys!


  1. Hi! Wow! That's some very good painting you have going there!

    I'm just about to start assembling my own Decimator and i'm wondering if you have some better pictures ofhow you magnetised the weapons? How you attached the sheet metal to the Decimator arm. On the picture it kinda looks like you have somehow managed to drill a hole in the "sponson". Is that correct or is it just a weird picture?

    1. Thanks!

      Sorry, these are the only pics that I can click on them to make them bigger.

      In this case, I glued the magnets to each side of the arm, being careful to watch out for the polarity wanting to push the magnets out of position! The sheet metal was simply glued to the interior of the joints. I hope that helps!